The Secret Life of a Book Blogger

After reading Read at Midnight’s post and her nomination to all those who haven’t done this tag (which I hadn’t) I figured it’d be a good time to take advantage of such a challenge and use it to my advantage to fill my time-slots.

How long have you been a blogger?

I’ve been a blogger for, what feels like, eons! I’ve had Piczo accounts, and LiveJournals, and Blogger accounts, and a few others where the websites don’t even exist anymore! So probably since my junior years: about thirteen years, I guess.

At what point do you think you’ll stop blogging?

In all seriousness though, I never really thought much about it. I feel if I put a deadline on something I may actually feel bad for surpassing it. For now I’ll say never, ask me in about 5 or 10 or 15 years down the line if I still feel the same 🙂

What is the best thing about blogging?

The drama. The lights. The sounds! Erm.. uh.. I actually do like the conversations that bloggers have with each other. I’m always slightly jealous of those bloggers who managed to create that friendship with somebody(ies) and relate to everything. When I used to personal blog, I liked getting angry and ranting about everything – but as an adult I’ve learned this is not always acceptable. So I’ll keep a book or loose-leaf for those days.

What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it OK?

I think since I started this particular blog there has been a lack of “Thank yous”. Maybe I’m just oblivious to the fact of how busy other bloggers are since I’m so mediocre at this particular hobby with a very small number of followers who visit on a semi-regular basis. I’m learning to deal with this, I obviously don’t let it rot my brain too much, but it still bothers me – a little…

How long does it take you to make/find pictures to use?

I don’t make a lot of my pictures, as I’m so incapable of such things it’s not even funny. Maybe one day *sigh*. Finding pictures is hard, but I always have a couple of key words that help me through my hunt.

Who is your book crush?

I honestly don’t think I have one right now :s

What author would you like to have on your blog?

Ishmael Beah – would it be tacky if I tagged him here?
and maybe Khaled Hosseini, yup I’m not going to YA fangirl over here. ❤

What do you wear when you write your blog post?

I’m typically sporting my jammies. I’m usually writing my posts after I’ve woken up, but am not quite ready to face the world, or, in this case, getting ready for bed but procrastinating sleep.

How long does it take you to prepare?

Prepare for what exactly? I throw on whatever’s clean and make sure there isn’t spinach stuck in my teeth before heading out the door. For a little rendezvous, I’ll make sure to wear something pretty, and maybe curl my hair.

How do you feel about the book blogger community?

I think it has a lot of hidden gems that nobody is truly willing to divulge unless you know who to ask. But it’s also quickly expanding, but unless you have the right kind of talent you may not immediately find a niche.

What do you think one should do to get a successful blog?

I’ve seen so many blogs that I could view as successful, and unfortunately I m unable to contribute in that manner. I believe a successful blog identifies with your personality, that includes colors, context, and content.

I’m not going to tag anybody speicific for this post, as a lot of people have already done it. But if you haven’t done this tag, I dare you to give it a whirl!




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Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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