Review: Schizo by Nic Sheff

Published: 2014
By: Books on Tape
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 5 hrs., 12 mins.
ISBN:  9780553396720



I originally read Nic Sheff in his YA personal account, Tweak, of his quick biography of alcohol and drug abuse, and his relationships with some pretty toxic people, and his final steps to recovery.  But this is Nic Sheff trying some realistic fiction…

I’m going to lie, this book dragged. Perhaps it was the repetitive details attempting to let the reader know how a schizophrenic thinks – but I wouldn’t know the difference. I stuck it out to see how it would end. Or where the climax was, which happened near the end.

The book is split in three (kinda), the preview, the view, and the postview (or reality), I’m giving them titles to give a better idea. The Preview is how things kind of started, giving an idea of who Myles is and what he’s about. The View is where things start falling apart and what happens, and the Postview is the recovering or who Myles becomes afterwards.

This book is twisted, the entire time Myles is blaming himself for the death of this brother. He believes the withdrawal of his mother, and the lack of photographs on the walls in his home are his fault. About half-way through the book he’s on this war-path to “fix” things, to “make things better”, little does he know. In the Postview, Myles winds up in the Psych ward and his entire life is flipped upside down when the reality of his guilt is brought to light.

The reality makes everything better. Or at least, in his case, bearable. He manages to start properly recovering, and trying to manage through society. And he’s happy.

3 Star

** Typically, a young adult novel is “librarian approved”, however, in this case, I’d have to disagree. This book has a lot of mature content, just in the case of cussing – lots of F-bombs and shits thrown around. I personally would not buy this book for my library, but it would obviously work for a high school, post-secondary, or public library.



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