Review: Cryer’s Cross by Lisa McMann

Published: 2011
By: Simon & Schuster Audio
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 5 hrs., 27 mins.
ISBN:  9781442337404



I’m not going to lie, I totally never looked at this cover properly. I’ve had many (female) students withdraw this book, and every time I glanced at the cover I saw deep slashes and a razor-blade – I’m sorry. But it also made me increasingly interested in why my students were withdrawing something so morbid. But I was wrong about the content, only because I’m one of those people who doesn’t read the synopsis on the back-cover.

This story takes place in a tiny farming community, and strange things have been happening. The year before a young girl, Tiffany*, disappears without a trace. And before we [the reader] knows it, it happens again to Kendall’s boyfriend/childhood buddy, Nico.

At the same time as all these weird happenings, the extended family of a local farmer has moved in to help out. They have two teens to join the tiny one-room schoolhouse.

Kendall has OCD, and although throughout the book it’s slightly nerve-wrecking as she insists on keeping her “problem” a secret from everybody and yet deals with her organizational ticks, she is forced to confront the issue when a town-wide curfew is instilled and she has to catch a ride with her neighbor’s stand-offish grandson, Jacián**. But it also saves her in the end!

  There’s the awkward romantic stuff that I’ll skip because I think it’s just weird drama that nobody wants to deal with. Kendall is confused and scared – she’s hearing things and can’t explain the deep-grooved graffitied message on the 50+ year old desk where Nico once sat, and before that Tiffany. Something was unsettling and she just couldn’t understand.

I’m going to admit, there was a bit of drag but the end was exciting and distracting (from cooking dinner 😉 ) The mystery and thrill of what Kendall winds up going through is different. I’ll save the details and let you figure it out, but the story within the story is also pretty creepy.

And to answer that one question: Yes, Jacián and Kendall wind up together – I think it’d be wrong if they didn’t, once Kendall realized the reality of Nico’s disappearance and how it shouldn’t stop her from feeling the desires Jacián gave her that Nico never could.

  • * I listened to the audiobook so spelling might be differnet from the book.
  • ** I Googled his name because I seriously knew the way I was writing it was wrong.



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