Monthly Wrap-Up (#14)

This month has been strange; I’m hoping to finish more books though! I’ve started listening to audiobooks more consistently, so hopefully that’ll help me get to my annual goal of 50 books (I’m at 23 and it’s October).

I have decided over my Christmas holidays I’ll be rereading all the Harry Potter books, don’t ask me why, it’s been decided. I also might not be registering for another semester of classes to save a little bit of money.

Moving on!

Here’s what’s happened over the month past:


Cryer’s Cross
Love and Other Perishable Things
(I seriously thought I read more books than that 😦 )

I’m Still Reading

Never Have I Ever
Schizo (Audio)
Growing Up Muslim: Understanding the Beliefs
and Practices of Islam


Average Rating: (this no longer applies since I’ve begun
implementing the “Librarian Approved” stamp)
Total # of Posts: 8
Views: 104 79 visitors
Top visiting country: USA <= 62 views
Most Viewed Review: The Battle for Wondla <= 5 views!!

Class is going well. Work is going well – I’ll be hosting my first book fair of the school year in a few weeks. Life is going relatively well.

May your reviews be plentiful and your TBR shrink.



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Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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