Review: Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate


Published: 2015
By: Penguin Random House Audio
Publishing Group
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 3 hrs., 18 mins.
ISBN:  9780399564673



Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Did he talk or snort or have a funny walk. Maybe he was an aristocratic fish with itty-bitty legs, a full mustache, cravat, and a walking stick. Was his name: Jeffy, or May-Belle? Well, Jackson has a friend named Crenshaw.

Created around the first grade, when things started going bad with his family and they were forced to abandon their house with a swing set in the backyard for their minivan. And then Crenshaw disappeared when things improved.

Jackson is older now, and Crenshaw is back. Jackson thinks he’s going crazy because he’s a scientist and believes in hard facts, and an imaginary purple cat that does headstands just isn’t logical.

I don’t know how I heard of Crenshaw, whether it was a bookfair advert, an email newsletter, or a blogger reviewed it and I thought it was adorable. I make it a goal not to read any reviews of a book I’m interested in until once I’ve read it.

Before reading the book:

It’s about a really big purple cat, and the cover is really beautifully done.

After reading the book:

 Crenshaw is a great book! It discusses things like homelessness, and how it’s okay to have an imaginary friend, and the importance of talking to your parents when you aren’t happy about something – because it might surprise you how adult they might treat you about the situation.

Although Crenshaw on the cover looks like a typical cat, as I read the book I visualized a something like a purpler, larger version of Tom cat from Tom & Jerry.

Source: via Tumblr



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