Review: Skellig by David Almond

Series: Skellig, book 1
Published: 2009
By: Penguin Random House Audio
Publishing Group
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 3 hrs., 21 mins.
ISBN:  9780739385883



I listened to this novel because:

  1. It’s a novel used by one of the Language Arts classes
  2. I needed to read something :p

I had never been questioned by a student regarding a plot or climax in a novel study, but the other day I had a student who came to me and asked if I knew where the climax was in the story. At the time I hadn’t read the book, and according to the student there was none even after reading the book three times, but I knew there had to be something, maybe even two somethings.

Hence the reason why Skellig moved to the top of my TBR list.

After listening to Skellig, I cannot say I agree fully with the conclusion the student had come to regarding the climax. Personally, I feel the climax is when the young protagonist, Michael, finds Skellig in the beaten up garage in the backyard. But the student thinks it’s when Skellig disappears from his new hide-out and is seen, by Michael’s mother, leaning over Joy’s hospital crib the evening before her surgery. What do you think? (Personally, finding an angel in my garage would be pretty exciting, but that’s just me)

I thought Skellig was a really quick read, good, and personally, if there wasn’t the motivation to read it for the sake of my students, I wouldn’t have even read it at all. It has some nice life lessons about hope, and patience, and has easy-to-understand language. But why it’s on the Alberta LA curriculum is beyond me…



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