Review: Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Published: 2011
By: Scholastic Audio
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 14 hrs., 33 mins.
ISBN:  9780545315234



Without a word of a doubt, this is not a Middle Grade book. I say that because Junior high kids fall strangely between the Middle Grade books and the YA stuff, and this is most definitely a YA book.

First of all, Libba Bray narrating this book = fantastic! I stuck out the 14-hour long audiobook, because this book had an interesting storyline, and to benefit my kiddos since it’s on my shelves I figured it needed to be read (eventually).

Beauty Queens is about a group of girls – pageant girls – on their way to their runway show when their plane crash-lands in the ocean close to an island with a dormant volcano. Stranded, the remaining girls band together to survive; building huts and collecting rain water, all the while on the other side of the island there is trouble ah-brewin’.

I really enjoyed this book, Tiara* was by-far my favorite. Although, in reality, I would never associate myself with her, but she is a fun character who progressed really well throughout the book. From brain-washed pageant princess to an independent woman – well, kind of, but at least she figured out how to spell “douche” by the end!

This novel vaguely covers many topics, from trans-gender and lesbianism, to feminism, to racism and discrimination. I had many real laugh-out-loud moments. Each character had their own personality and they each had something different to bring to the table. Although, I will digress, there was a lot of cursing, and honestly I would’ve kicked Harris (actually any of the men) in the head for the very demeaning comments they made towards the women.

*Because I did not read the book, I might have mispelt character names. I tried Googling the answer first, but sometimes things just don’t work out. So if you have the proper spelling, please let me know below.



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