Review: Free For All by Don Borchert

Full Title: Free for All: oddballs, geeks,
and gangstas in the public library
By: Virgin Books
Source: Borrowed
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9781905264124



I really enjoyed this book, just for the simple fact it’s a personal account by somebody who has been working in the public sector for such a long time, and has seen enough to publish. I’ve heard about a woman New York taxi driver who published. I’ve read about a cynical waiter who’s published. I’m on a roll! Needless to say, I love reading about people and their jobs.

Everything in this book is interconnected in some way, although the chapters are topic specific the author might have a story that connects to a patron he mentioned in another chapter. He also talks about the behind the scenes stuff that most people don’t realize a public library may have. “Friends of the Library”, when discussed is like talking about the mafia, who know they exist, but you shouldn’t talk about them unless it’s in good terms.

I enjoyed the book. I recommend this book to anybody who enjoys person accounts of people who have interesting jobs, or maybe you just don’t have a friend who works as a civil servant, this book will help you realize you aren’t missing much – except for story-time.

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