Monthly Wrap-Up (#16)

March is being super chaotic for me right now, but that’s going to be ongoing for the next few months until further notice – on that topic in the next wrap up. I am however vrooming through the #2016TBRPile challenge, which I’m super excited about but I’m not going to lie, it’s because I’m going through a lot of picture books.

Books Reviewed

1. We Bought a Zoo | link
2. Memoirs of a Hamster | link
3. Hello, Goodbye, & Everything in Between| link
4. Fat Vampire | link
5. Alice | link
6. One of a Kind | link

Book of the Month

Read my review

Currently Reading

1.  Twisted|| link
2. Hollow City || link
3. Morning Glories, Vol 1 || link

March TBR

1. Boy in the Black Suit | link
2. Calvin | link
3. Morning Glories, Vol 2 | link

Average Rating:
I can no longer do an average
rating as I often do a “Librarian’s Picks” preference
Total # of Posts: 9
Most Viewed: War Brothers


No. of pages read: 633 pages
Hours Listening to Audiobooks: 999 mins.

Upcoming news

I have a lot more to share in the next few months that I’m really excited to put out there. So stay tuned for that. I’m doing relatively well with reading and am also going through the habit of borrowing more books than I can/should handle from the library. I’ve only bought, like, 2-3 books this year – but I have bigger fish to fry. I’ve been truly impressed with myself. Also, I’m in the mood to do a few Tag posts, so feel free to link me up and challenge my psyche :p



About Black ' n Write Reviewer

Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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