Review: Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

Published: 2007
By: Viking Books for
Young Readers
Source: Borrowed
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9780670061013



In a word: Intense.

Ever since I was first introduced to LHA’s Speak I have forever loved the intensity of her words. In this particular novel, instead we have the perspective of a guy in his senior year of high school rather than a girl named Melinda in her junior year. The scenarios are similar, but at the same time very different.

In Twisted, Tyler Miller was before known as a nerdy, weak-looking kid but he was tired of peoples perceptions and decided to change all that by doing “The Foul Deed”. Landing him on probation and hit with heavy fines to clean the graffiti off the school. It all received the attention that he was looking for from the high school hottie and his neighbour-down-the-road, Bethany – who was giving him the biggest goo-goo eyes ever.

Needless to say her flirtatious advances went to hell when one night at a well-attended house party, Bethany gets super drunk and tries to get together with Tyler. Tyler’s brain won the match with his hormones and did nothing to her. But the days that followed soon made him a key suspect to some photographs that were posted online from the night, from that same bedroom they hooked up in.

I really enjoyed this book. Like always, Laurie Halse Anderson covered the topics of suicide and bullying and kids part of dysfunctional families. In the end I was glad that things ended the way they did. Tyler often contemplated suicide, and I was relieved that the story didn’t end in some fantastical way where all his bullies clad in black, throwing silk flowers into his grave, and some even begging for a second chance.

Deep. Often times the story-line involves a female character getting caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing, or accused of something didn’t happen but is shamed so much into believing that they truly had done it. In this case, Twisted is a different perspective. The character, already known for making poor judgement, is readily accused and segregated from the rest of his classmates which only makes things worst as the rumors continue to fly through the halls and aggravate the situation.

What’s your favorite Laurie Halse Anderson novel?



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