Review: This Monster Cannot Wait! by Bethany Barton

Published: 2013
By: Dial Books
Source: Borrowed
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9780804123815


Recommended Age: 3-5 years-old


Stewart is so excited to go camping, he cannot wait. But alas, like all good things they come to those who do.

So this book has a great lesson for little ones on how important patience is, whether it’s waiting for cookies to bake, a book to finish, or a very important family trip. Nice simple sentences that are easy to understand, but also the font is varied to demonstrate Stewart’s excitement.

The illustrations are a great accompaniment to the story, as they tell kiddos exactly what Stewart is doing or planning before it even happens. It also allows kids to be a little more imaginative.

Granted, at the beginning Stewart may seem like a pushy, hard-to-please kid, but really, like most children, he’s just really excited. However, after a conversation with his best friend, he realizes that he should make the most of his current time and will result in time flying instead of constantly needing to negotiate with the calendar.

Enjoy this story-time video with Erin @ StorytimewithErin on YouTube 🙂



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