Review: The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin

Published: 2014
By: Macmillan Audio
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 14 hrs., 16 mins.
ISBN:  9780062268266



I always enjoy a good piece of a historical fiction, and historical fiction with a relatively strong female character that thinks of more than just her coming out party and the latest trends in fashion, is definitely an added plus.

Charlotte is an orphaned heiress, and she loves photography and dreads social gatherings where all the women only gossip. Until one outing with her brother to the opera she meets a charming Captain Bay Middleton.

Bay is a notorious “ladies man”, and Charlotte’s future sister-in-law, along with several other people, disapprove of their solicitous flirtations. A welcomed relief is brought on by the visiting of an international Empress who pulls Bay away from his priority, of wooing Charlotte, to be her pilot during hunting season in the country.

The rumors fly. And although Charlotte winds up leaving the country to help her god-mother with the preparation of a gallery of photographs, Bay soon realizes that although royalty is tantalizing and comes with quick and short satisfaction, the affection from somebody who truly loves you means so much more.

Sorry, I can’t do this book justice. I really enjoyed the jabs and subtleties the English are known for – at least when reading or watching movies of Olde English. I like Charlotte’s character, her strong personality and will to be an individual in a society that generally criticizes women who attempt hobbies greater than just embroidery or water-color. When she meets Bay, her character is realized to be more than just a girl who longs to do more than just obey all the rules instilled by society standard. Even after many people in her entourage attempt to persuade her not to fall in love with the first person who comes along, I’m kind of happy that with all the drama, the two still keep bumping into each other.

4 Star



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