Review: Belle Epoque by Elizabeth Ross

Published: 2015
By: Delacorte Books for
Young Readers

Source: Borrowed
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9780385741460



Nobody really knows to what extent the women of Parisian aristocracy will go to ensure their beauty shines brightest amongst their societal peers. Thanks to repoussoirs these women never have to worry about being overlooked by potential suitors or potential acquaintances, for a few francs a day these women will shine.

Maude Pichon runs away from her tiny village after over hearing a local gossip that her father intended to marry her off to the much older village butcher. She runs away to Paris to live the life she could have only imagined.

Thinking she was only applying for a job, she finds out with much insult and humiliation that this job is like nothing else. Although she left quickly the first time, the allure of money brought her back a few weeks later begging for a chance. Granted. Hired to be the foil to a shinning debutante, Maude has to lie in order to keep up appearances with the Countess as she also develops a real friendship with Isabelle, all the while never admitting that she was being hired by her mother to make her look good.

This novel is a quick-pace read about how vain society beauty standards are really just an opinion that shouldn’t be worth much else. The character, although considered plain, is recognized as a beautiful woman who had let the insulting adjectives of her former boss sink in and create a fog to which “must be truth”, but after finally admitting to her friend Paul what she does to earn wages he cleared that fog away, helping her realize how wrong Durandeau Agency really is.



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