Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Series: Across the Universe, book 1

By: Razorbill
Source: Borrowed
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9781595143976



Your parents are pretty important people and decide to sign themselves up to be put into a cryogenic state and shipped into space with a whole bunch of other really important people for what should be 300 years. You’re given the option. Do you stay on the your cozy Earth, or do you blindly follow your parents?

Amy was given that choice, and when she chose to follow and as the goo-like substance begins to envelop her body as she’s trapped in her glass coffin, she overhears some important information: 301 years. An extra year of being frozen. How about an extra year of being stuck in your own head?

I know a lot of people have already read this book, and I really enjoyed it even though it was a tad slow for my liking. Finding out secrets within the walls of Godspeed made the story interesting, especially when reaching the end and so much truth about the people, the timelines, the confessions by Eldest – the leader of the ship – and what he’s done to ensure chaos and disorder are kept under wraps.

Whether I will actually continue reading the series, I mean let’s be honest, three books? Eventually Godspeed will reach Centauri-Earth, right? Does Amy forgive Elder for his wrong-doings? Now that the people on Godspeed are sobering up from the Phydus, will they really be as forgiving as Elder hopes?

A lot of unanswered questions that I’m in no rush to find out about.



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4 Responses to Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

  1. lizgotauco says:

    I highly recommend continuing with this series. While I found one major plot point of the first book highly predictable, the other two kept surprising me. The third book in particular is riveting.

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