Review: 100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith

Published: 2015
By: Tantor Media, Inc.
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 7 hrs., 00 mins.

ISBN:  9781494594091



Finn Easton has an interesting story. He and his mother were flattened by a dead horse on its way to a knackery. Because of the impact, his mother died, and he was now “blessed” with a scar on his back and prone to seizures – they say they’ll stop one day. Also, his dad Micheal Easton is a famous author. He wrote about a boy who came from space, his name was Finn, he had a scar on his back from where his wings had been removed, and he came from a Lazarus door.

This story isn’t just about an epileptic teenager and his weird friend, Cade Hernandez. Or about a boy who has a famous author for a dad. No, this story is about an epileptic teacher who is constantly reminded by the fact that his father wrote a book about an angel-alien boy who comes to Earth, has his wings removed and is left thirsty and with detailed scars on his back. This story is about a boy who constantly feels like he is stuck in his father’s book.

That’s when he meets a girl and he then became determined to not be trapped anymore.

I really like this book in the regards of it has three stories, one about Finn, one about Julia, and one about Finn and Cade. It’s about their relationships. It’s about how a single event cannot dictate how to live the life you decide.

** Although I approve this book, there are a lot of cusses, so I wouldn’t recommend this book for junior high school students.signature

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