Review: Terrible Typhoid Mary by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Actual Title: Terrible Typhoid Mary: A true story
of the Deadliest Cook in America
By: Dreamscape Media, LLC
Source: Borrowed
Format: Audiobook
Length: 3 hrs., 11 mins.
ISBN:  9781681415154


Terrible Typhoid Mary is the documented story about a woman named Mary Mallon, who was considered the first known healthy carrier of Typhoid after several cases had broken out in the homes of where she had been employed.

Although, I’m unsure of what the moral of this story would be, apart from wash your hands after going to the bathroom. The story of Mary Mallon raises questions about the treatment Mary had received by the government. The sexism that had been clearly noted as Mary was forced to live on North Brother Island, an island that once was home to isolated tuberculosis patients in a large hospital facility, while her male counterparts, who were also healthy carriers, were given similar medical treatment but were released shortly after their treatment. Health officials wouldn’t follow up on probation, and the men would continue to handle food even though they weren’t supposed to.

Mary just seemed to be on the radar, and there was no way out of the grips of New York City Health Department, particularly George Soper, a civil engineer with an experience in typhoid outbreaks.

Terrible Typhoid Mary is an interesting read, although a bit dry, but can be used to educate children on the importance of proper hygiene, whether that’s bodily or in food preparation.



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