Movie Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

[Source: IMDB]

Originally written by Ransom Riggs, but the movie itself stars many great actors, such as Samuel L. Jackson, Asa Buttefield, and Judi Dench.

Released in September of 2016, and I don’t know if anybody else is kind of disappointed that this movie basically cries out: “there will only be one!”. But we can discuss this further in the comments so do that 😉

First off, I’d like to discuss this movie as a whole.

The movie was fun. Can be entertaining for a person who has never read the series, the characters are easily understood. Needless to say, the Burton kept relatively close to the first book, however, took artistic freedom afterwards. Still enjoyed the movie for itself, kind of sad that there won’t be more.

**Disclaimer, I haven’t read book three, so please don’t spoil things for me.

However, did Burton just compile all three books? Or is it really book one with lots of extras? Discuss

Fortunately, the story is still about Jake, and how he takes a grand adventure, under the guise of seeking closure after his grandfather’s death, in order to finally figure out the stories that he constantly heard as a child.

The Peculiars: I don’t remember one of them ever mentioned in the book, Fiona, and I don’t remember Victor being dead in the book.. Maybe somebody can refresh my memory? Either way, I loved Emma the most in the books, I do like little Claire in the movie. She’s so sweet looking, which I suppose is what the director was going for; a sweet and innocent little girl with ringlets of blonde hair to hide her sharp teeth in the back of her head very cool.

Alright folks, now’s your time to have your say. Have you seen it? Do you want to? Have I spoiled it for you? What are your final thoughts for those of you who have seen it?



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