2017 Crocheting Project

Hi All!

I realize that I’ve always dedicated this blog to my books and my library career, but I also have other passions talents hobbies.

Back in October I put a call-out to my family and friends in Facebook-land, asking for donations of wool. I wound up receiving a great assortment of scrap skeins, and I couldn’t wait for January 1st to come ’round so that I could get started.

Here’s what I’ll do, although I’ll be posting a weekly update on my Instagram of the squares that I’ve done for that week, I’ve also started a hashtag #KK365Squares. I seriously plan on sticking to this. I guess this is my way of remaining accountable.

The Rules:

  1. Max of 2 squares a day which can count for the following day
  2. Must try at least 1 new granny square pattern a week
  3. Cannot buy any new wool for this project

I will be posting my progress in weekly increments, by month on Black ‘n Write. With links to videos or websites that I used a long the way. I’m really excited to share my progress with you!

Wish me luck,