Review: Delia’s Shadow by Jaime Lee Moyer

Series: Delia Martin, book 1
By: Tor
Source: Borrowed
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9780765331823



A very interesting historical interpretation of post-dating the real event of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Delia Martin was orphaned when her parents were made a victim of the natural catastrophe. Eventually, once she she became old enough she moved to New York to teach. Delia never thought that she would return to San Francisco under the circumstances that a ghost has convinced her to do so. Delia is being guided to help a ghost, whom she refers to as ‘Shadow’, to track down her murderer, but as one eventually finds out as more ghosts frequent her environment this mystery is bigger than she had imagined.

Although I found the first 150-ish pages lengthy and lack luster, the remainder of the book was exciting. Once I figured out where the climax was, it became exciting. The book is split between two perspectives, well.. actually three. There was the first person point-of-view featuring Delia and Gabe Ryan, he is a police officer leading a serial murder investigation. There is also third person point-of-view, of the same two characters, but the constant flip-flopping wasn’t always pleasant and sometimes made reading confusing.

The blooming relationship between Delia and Gabe play-out subtly in the background of the actual story, which is the two working together in solving Delia’s ghost problem. That and with the help of many interesting characters, like Madam Bobet, a spiritualist whom is very in-tuned with the spirit world, and Sadie and Jack both followers on this mysterious search for truth and seeking peace for the ever increasing visitors from another time.

I don’t know if I may take on the next books in the series, as I truly thought this book held up all by itself. So, only time will tell if I will be requesting A Barricade in Hell any time soon.



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