Monthly Wrap-Up (#26)

I hadn’t realized that I had not done a wrap-up in months! It’s kind of disappointing when I can’t even do the simpler posts to keep this blog running.

So, since December I have read a few things. Nothing too exciting, but I’ll do a six month summary and hopefully you’ll bear with me 🙂

(since January) Books Reviewed

1. What I Say and How I Lied | link
2. These Shallow Graves | link
3. Delia’s Shadow | link

Currently Reading

1. Saga (series)
2. Say What You Will || link
3. A Natural History of Dragons|| link

 6-Month Stats

# Books Read: 5
# of Pages: 976
# of Hours Listening: 14
Total # of Posts: 6
Genre Most Read: tie between YA & Historical Fiction

Most Viewed: How I did in 2016
Runner Up: These Shallow Graves

Upcoming news

It is officially the half-way point of 2017, and although I had fully intended to read 50 books this year, it does not seem to want to happen. This coming weekend is Canada Day and I will be introducing my beau to the family while we camp in middle-of-nowhere, Alberta. It’s exciting, and I’m hoping to finish a book or two whilst sitting by the fire (that’ll help my numbers… right?). Ultimately, I don’t necessarily care about my stats. I do, however, care about my contribution to the book blogosphere – we still call it that, right? I am heading back to class July 4th, to do a couple of courses in hopes of getting myself back on track to finish my BA on time. That is about it… I think. I may have an idea for a conversation post, I just have to research and compile and all that jazz before I can really figure out if it’s worth publishing. I think it’ll be interesting, but some of you might not think so, and those of you who have experience in what I might be looking for in regards to information, keep an eye out on my Twitter handle, @TaintedVampyre, and maybe you’ll be a contributing asset to this piece.

How was your month?



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Library Tech grad who is currently working on a BA in Political Science and filling all her time with books.
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