Review: Saga series by Brian K. Vaughan

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Volumes: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

It all began because of a war. Dividing clans and tribes and planets and time. This is all very Romeo & Juliet but lasts much longer with a much greater adventure. The “Romeo” in this story is Marko, and “Juliet” is Alana. They are of separate species. Alana was standing guard as Marko was imprisoned. Because of a book, it inspired them to run away together. And thus begins the real story.

The whole thing is narrated by their little girl, Hazel. She is a “half-breed”, and everybody is out to find her; for good or for bad reasons. It’s evident that with everything her parents know and how much they love her, they aren’t going to give her up too easily.

Although it seems like the whole story is about a whole bunch of characters, it’s Hazel that the prime focus is upon (obvs).  In a giant “tree-rocket”, the family disappear to escape the worlds. They meet a lot of shady (old friends?) characters, some hired to hunt them down, others to seek revenge on either Marko or Alana, or both. But the introduction of the author who inspired this grand faux pas was also a key character, and is often referenced by Hazel.

During some time on this grand ol’ adventure. Hazel’s parents are stressed and her mum does something dumb and drugs, and sex are involved (as always). But they are constantly fighting to stay ahead. Especially when Hazel is kidnapped, along with her grandmother, and they are sprung into caring for each other, at least until they found their little one.


Bring on the sadness…

My Summary

When I originally took on this series it was because of a random excerpt I read from some random-I-don’t-know-what-website, and thought it sounded like a neat story. Little did I know that I would, not only enjoy the story, but also the art. It’s all very graphic (sexual and otherwise) and crude and vulgar. It’s by no way a graphic novel for young adults, but as an adult trying to find their way out of the YA genre once in awhile, this one was awesome! But I’m now going to need a break from this series. The end of the last book was heart-wrenching and very difficult to handle.



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