Abdel-Fattah, Randa –  Ten Things I Hate About Me (YA, Islam)
Ada, Alma Flor – Let Me Help! (Picture Book)
Adler, Irene – The Dark Lady (YA, Sherlock Holmes)
Albom, Mitch – The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Inspirational)
Ali, Nujood – I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced (Memoir, Social Issues)
Ali-Karamali, Sumbul – Growing Up Muslim (Non-Fiction, Religion)
Allison, John Giant Days, Vol. 1 (Graphic Novel, YA)
Almond, David – Skellig, book 1 (YA)

Anderson, Laurie Halse
Ashes, Seeds of America – Book 3 (YA)
Chains, Seends of America – Book 1 (YA)
Forge, Seeds of America – Book 1 (YA)
No Time for Mother’s Day (Picture book)
Twisted (YA)

Anoymous – Go Ask Alice (YA, Diary)
Applegate, Katherine – Crenshaw (Middle Grade)
Archer, E. – Geek Fantasy Novel (YA Urban Fantasy)
Armentrout, Jennifer L.The Problem with Forever (YA, Realistic Fiction)
Avi – Sophia’s War (YA)


Bardugo, Leigh
Ruin and Rising, The Grisha – Book 3
Shadow and Bone, The Grisha – Book 1 (YA)
Siege and Storm, The Grisha – Book 2

Bartlett, Allison Hoover – The Man Who Loved Books Too Much: … (Biography)
Bartoletti, Susan CampbellTerrible Typhoid Mary (Middle Grade Non-Fiction)
Barton, Bethany – This Monster Cannot Wait! (Picture Book)
Bateman, Tracey – The Widow of Saunders Creek (Christian Fiction)

Beah, Ishmael
A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier (Memoir)
Radiance of Tomorrow (Realistic Fiction)

Benway, RobinEmmy & Oliver (YA)

Berk, Ari
Death Watch, The Undertaker – Book 1 (YA, Gothic Mystery)
Mistle Child, The Undertaker – Book 2 (YA, Gothic Mystery)

Black, Holly
Coldest Girl in Coldtown, The (YA, Horror)
Doll Bones (Middle Grade)

Blake, Laila – After Life Lesson (Post-Apoc. Romance)
Blundell, Judy – What I Saw and How I Lied (Historical, YA)
Bodger, Holly – 5 to 1 (YA, Dystopia)
Borchert, Don – Free for All (Non-Fiction, Memoir)
Boyne, John – The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (YA, Historical Fiction)

Bradley, Alan
As Chimney Come to Dust, Flavia de Luce – Book 7 (Mystery)
The Dead and Their Vaulted Arches, Flavia de Luce – Book 6 (Mystery)
I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, Flavia de Luce – Book 4 (Mystery)
A Red Herring Without Mustard, Flavia de Luce – Book 3 (Mystery)
Speaking from Among the Bones, Flavia de Luce – Book 5 (Mystery)
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Flavia de Luce – Book 1 (Mystery)
The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag, Flavia de Luce – Book 2 (Mystery)

Brande, Robin – Fat Cat (YA, Body Acceptance)
Bray, Libba – Beauty Queens (YA, LGBTQ)
Bremer, Krista – My Accidental Jihad (Memoir)
Brennan, Marie – A Natural History of Dragons, The Memoirs of Lady Trent – Book 1
Brennan-Nelson, Denis – My Momma Like to Say (Picture Book)

Brouwer, Sigmund
Fortress of Mist, Merlin’s Immortals – Book 2 (Fiction)
The Orphan King, Merlin’s Immortals – Book 1 (Fiction)

Brown, Dan – The Davinci Code (Fiction)
Buckle, JA – Half my Facebook Friends are Ferrets (YA)
Bunting, Eve- The Mother’s Day Mice (Picture Book)
Buzo, Laura – Love and Other Perishable Things (YA)


Carleson, J.C. – The Tyrant’s Daughter (YA)

Carriger, Gail
Curtsies and Conspiracies, Finishing School – Book 2 (YA, Steampunk)
Etiquette and Espionage, Finishing School – Book 1 (YA, Steampunk)
Manners and Mutiny, Finishing School, Book 4 (YA)
Waistcoats & Weaponry, Finishing School – Book 3 (YA, Steampunk)

Chbosky, Stephen – The Perks of Being a Wallflower (YA)
Cicirelli, Dave – Fakebook (Memoir)
Cocks, Heather & Jessica Morgan – Spoiled (YA)
Coelho, Paulo – The Witch of Portobello (Fiction)

Condie, Ally
Crossed, Matched – Book 2 (YA Dystopia)
Matched, Matched – Book 1 (YA Dystopia)
Reached, Matched – Book 3 (YA Dystopia)

Collins, Jim – How the Mighty Fall:… (Business)

Collins, Suzanne
Catching Fire, The Hunger Games – Book 2 (YA)
Catching Fire, Movie Review
The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games – Book 1 (YA)
Mockingjay, The Hunger Games – Book 3 (YA)

Cook, Stephen – Day Out With Daddy (Picture Book)


Dahl, Michael – Little Monkey Calms Down (Picture Book)
Dallaire, Roméo – They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children (Current Affairs)

DiTerlizzi, Tony
A Battle for WondLa, Wondla – Book 3 (Dystopia, YA)
A Hero for WondLa, WondLa – Book 2 (Dystopia, YA)
The Search for WondLa, WondLa – Book 1 (Sci-Fi, YA)

Donnelly, Jennifer – These Shallow Graves (Historical, YA)
Douglas, Claire – Local Girl Missing (Thriller)
Driza, Debra – 
Mila 2.0, Mila 2.0 – Book 1 (Sci-Fi, YA)

Duchovny, David – Holy Cow: Modern-Day Dairy Tale (Fiction)


Eastman, P.D. – Are You My Mother? (Picture book)
Ee, Susan- Angelfall, Penryn & the End of Day – Book 1 (Post-Apocalyptic, YA)
Eve, Nomi – Henna House (Historical Fiction)


Fleischman, Paul – The Matchbox Diary (Picture book)


Garcia, Kami – Beautiful Creatures, Caster Chronicles – Book #1 (YA, Fantasy)
Georges, Nicole J. – Calling Dr. Laura (Memoir, Adult Graphic Novel)
Gibb, Camilla – Sweetness in the Belly (Historical Fiction)
Gibson, Tyrese – How to Get Out of Your Own Way (Memoir)
Gilbert, Elizabeth – Eat. Pray. Love. (Memoir)
Goetzinger, Annie – Girl in Dior (Graphic Novel, Memoir)
Goodwin, DaisyFortune Hunter (Historical Fiction)

Green, John
The Fault in Our Stars (YA, Realistic)
Looking for Alaska (Realistic, YA)

Gregorio, I.W. None of the Above (YA, LGBT*)
Grennan, Conor – 
Little Princes:… (Memoir)
Griffin, Adele – All You Never Wanted (YA)
Gruen, Sara – Water for Elephants (Fiction)
Guarino, Deborah- Is Your Mama a Llama? (Picture book)
Gulledge, Laura Lee – Will & White (Graphic Novel)
Gunn, Robin Jones – Sierra Jensen Collection, Vol. 1 (YA, Christian)
GuojingThe Only Child (Word-less story book)


Halpern, JustinI Suck at Girls (Humor, Memoir)
Hannan, PeterMy Big Mouth: … (Middle Grade, Humor)
Harvell, RichardBells, The (Historical Fiction)
Hatzfeld, JeanMachete Season (Interview/Biography)
Henry, ChristinaAlice (Dark, Fiction)
Heos, BridgetMustache Baby (Picture book)
Hill, LawrenceBook of Negroes, The (Historical Fiction)
Hinds, GarethRomeo & Juliet (Graphic Novel, Adaptation)
Hingson, MichaelThunder Dog (Non-Fiction, 9/11)

Hopkins, Ellen
Impulse, Impulse – Book 1 (YA)
Perfect, Impulse – Book 2 (YA)

Hosseini, KhaledKite Runner, The (Memoir)
Howard, J.J. – That Time I Joined the Circus (YA)
Howell, SimoneGirl Defective (YA)


Irwin, JaneClockwork Game (Historical Fiction, Graphic Novel)
Isadora, RachelHansel & Gretel (Picture Book)


Jacobs, A.J. – The Year of Living Biblically (Memoir; Religion)
Jean, WyclefPurpose: An Immigrant’s Story (Memoir)
Jordan, Deloris w. Roslyn M. JordanDid I Tell You I Love You Today? (Picture Book)
Joose, Barbara M.Mama, Do You Love Me? (Picture Book)


Kamara, MariatuThe Bite of the Mango (Memoir, YA)
Kantor, MelissaMaybe One Day (YA, Death)
Kaplan, Michael B.Betty Bunny Didn’t Do It (Picture book)
Keatinge, JohnWanderlost, Shutter – Vol. 1 (Graphic Novel, Sci-Fi)
King, A.S.Reality Boy (YA)


Lawler, Janet
A Mother’s Song (Picture Book)
 Father’s Song (Picture Book)

Leavitt, Martine – Calvin (YA, Mental Health)
Lee, H. Chuku – Beauty and the Beast (Picture Book)
Lee, Stan, et. al.
 – Romeo & Juliet: The War (Graphic Novel)
Leveen, LoisJuliet’s Nurse (Historical Fiction)

Levithan, David 
Every Day
Two Boys Kissing (LGBTQ, YA)

Lockhard, E. – The Boyfriend List (YA, Romance)
Long, MattThe Long Run (Memoir)
Loomis, ChristineThe Best Father’s Day Present Ever (Picture Book)
Lore, Pittacus I Am Number Four, Lorien Legacies – Book 1 (YA, Sci-Fi)
Ludwig, TrudyThe Invisible Boy (Picture Book)


Mackler, Carolyn – The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things (YA)
MacPherson, Erin – Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby (Christian Life – Family)
Mafi, TaherehShatter Me – Book 1 (Dystopia, YA)
Maron, MarcAttempting Normal (Memoir)
Martin, JeffThe Customer is Always Wrong (Anthology, Non-Fiction)
Max, Tucker – I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (Humor – Non-Fiction)
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Mom (Picture Book)
McCulloch, Derek & Anthony PeruzzoDisplaced Persons (Graphic Novel, Adult Fiction)
McGovern, Cammie – Say What You Will (YA)
McKay, Sharon E. & Daniel LaFrance (Illus.) – War Brothers: The Graphic Novel (Graphic Novel)
McMann, LisaCryer’s Cross (YA)
Mee, BenjaminWe Bought a Zoo (Memoir)
Meminger, NeeshaShine, Coconut Moon (YA)

Moran, Caitlin
How to be a Woman (Memoir)
How to Build a Girl (Fiction)

Morgan, Kass
The 100, The Hundred – Book 1 (YA, Post-Apocalyptic)
Day 21, The Hundred – Book 2 (YA, Post-Apocalyptic)

Morgenstern, Erin – The Night Circus (Historical Fiction)
Morgentaler, Abraham – Why Men Fake It:… (Non-Fiction – Mens Health)
Moyer, Jaime LeeDelia’s Shadow, Delia Martin – Book 1 (Historical Fiction)


Ness, PatrickThe Rest of Us Just Live Here (YA, Sci-Fi)


Orwell, George – Animal Farm (Classic Literature – Fiction)


Peters, Russell – Call Me Russell (Biography)
Peterson, Tracie & Judith Miller – To Honor and Trust (Christian Fiction)
Plourde, Lynn – Mother, May I? (Picture Book)
Prince, LizTomboy (Graphic Novel)



Rayven, Leisa
Bad Romeo, Starcrossed – Book 1 (Adult Contemporary, Fiction)
Broken Juliet, Starcrossed – Book 2

Reid, RazielWhen Everything Feels Like the Movies (LGTBQ Fiction)
Reno, Tosca – The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged! (Self-Help, Health)
Revis, BethAcross the Universe, book 1 (Sci-Fi, YA)
Rex, AdamFat Vampire (YA)
Reynolds, AaronCreepy Carrots! (Halloween, Picture Book)
Reynolds, JasonThe Boy in the Black Suit (YA, Contemporary)

Riggs, Ransom
Hollow City, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Book 2 (YA)
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Book 1 (Fiction)

Ritchie, Alison – Me and My Mom! (Picture Book)
Rose, M.J. – The Book of Lost Fragrances (Fiction)
Ross, ElizabethBelle Epoque (Victorian, YA)
Rowling, J.K. – The Casual Vacancy (Fiction)
Rubin, Gretchen – Happiness Project, The (Memoir)
Ruelle, Karen Gray – Mother’s Day Mess (Early Chapter Book)
Ruth, GregThe Lost Boy (YA, Graphic Novel)
Rylant, Cynthia – Henry and Mudge and the Funny Lunch (Early haper Book)


Sales, Leila
This Song Will Save Your Life (YA)
Tonight the Streets Are Ours (YA)

Schachner, JudyBits & Pieces (Picture book)
Scillian, DevinThe Memoirs of a Hamster (Picture books)
Sheff, NicSchizo (YA, Mental Health)
Sheinkin, SteveThe Port Chicago 50 (Non-Fiction, History)

Shepherd, Megan
A Cold Legacy, The Madman’s Daughter – Book 3
Her Dark Curiosity, The Madman’s Daughter – Book 2
The Madman’s Daughter – Book 1 (YA, Historical Fiction)

Shields, Brooke – It’s the Best Day Ever, Dad! (Picture Book)
Shiga, Jason – Meanwhile (Graphic Novel)
Smith, Andrew100 Sideways Miles (YA)
Smith, Hilary T.Wild Awake (YA, Mental Health)

Smith, Jennifer E.
The Geography of You and Me (YA, Realistic Fiction)
Hello, Goodbye, & Everything in Between (YA, Realistic Fiction)

Spagnoli, John – Shadowed Soul (Real Fiction)
St. Stephen’s Community House – It’s Not All Black and White: Multiracial Youth Speak Out (Youth Non-Fiction Anthology)
Stockett, Kathryn – The Help (Fiction)


Tamaki, Jillian & MarikoThis One Summer (Graphic Novel)
Tan, ShaunArrival, The (Graphic Novel)

Taylor, Laini
Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Book 1 (Audiobook, YA Fantasy)
Days of Blood & Starlight, Daughter of Smoke & Bone – Book 2 (YA Fantasy)
Dreams of Gods and Monsters, Daughter of Smoke & Bone – Book 3 (YA Fantasy)
Night of Cake and Puppets, Daughter of Smoke & Bone – Book 2.5 (YA Fantasy)

Thompson, Craig    
Blankets (Graphic Novel)
Habibi (Graphic Novel)

Thompson, Georgie & Imogen Lloyd WebberTwitter Diaries, The (Chick-Lit)



Vaughan, Brian K. Saga series – Books 1-7 (Graphic novel)
Vaugth, Susan – My Big Fat Manifesto (Realistic, YA)
Vlahos, Len – Scar Boys, The (Realistic, YA)


Ward, Rachel
Chaos, The, Numbers – Book 2 (YA)
Infinity, Numbers – Book 3
, Numbers – Book 1 (YA)

West, KasieThe Fill-In Boyfriend (YA, Contemporary)

Willems, Mo
Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus (Juvenille Fiction)
The Story of Diva & Flea (Early Chapter Book)

Wilson, G. Willow – Ms. Marvel series (Graphic novels, YA)
Wingate, Lisa
– Firefly Island, Book 3 (Fiction)
Winter, Ariel S.One of a Kind (Picture Book)




Zevin, Gabrielle – Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (YA)
Zusak, Markus
– Book Thief, The (YA)


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