Summer Reading Adventures [GIF Heavy]

I decided to document my reading adventures, there is a cliché about living a thousand lives when you’re a reader. So I decided to document my adventures as a reader and where my books have taken me, whether it be outlandish or local. The bulk of my reading starts at the end of the winter term, or sometimes by the end of the spring term, so I’ll admit my adventures start in mid- to late-spring, just because I’ve finished school and whatnot. So I’ll give you an idea of where my itinerary took me this year – can you guess where I’ve been?

New York

Flat Iron: ‘winter time’ by Jaclyn Sovern

San Francisco

Time Lapse by Simon Christen


These are just a few that I could remember. Where did your summer adventures take you?

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Review: I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest

Published: 2015
By: Arthur A. Levine Books
Source: Borrowed
Format: Hardcover
ISBN:  9780545620857



I remember when I purchased this book I thought “cool, a geek fem-version of a book I reviewed back in 2014I am Princess X is kind of cliché in it’s fairy-tale-like ending, but I suppose it is to be expected. At the beginning it sounds like this awesome comic book inspires a friendship like nobody has ever heard of – well, it does, just not in the way one might expect.

Libby and her mom are found dead in their car after it had run itself off a bridge. Or at least so the story goes. Libby’s best friend, May, doesn’t believe any of it, especially after having a dream about Libby escaping the car and swimming to safety. Three years pass and May is living with her dad in Seattle when she came across a sticker. A sticker that looked a lot like the iconic princess May and Libby had invented when they were kids.

This sticker has solidified May assumptions that her friend may not be dead, which leads her on a wild adventure with the help of her upstairs neighbor they go hunting for the four keys that will free the princess (and possibly Libby) from impending doom.

The one thing I liked about this story is it didn’t end with May winding up with the boy next door. They all beat the bad guy, and nobody died! I mean, none of the heroes died anyway. I also enjoyed the inclusion of the excerpts from the I Am Princess X webcomic, which tied the story together nicely.


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Monthly Wrap-Up (#27)

This past month has been very… fulfilling? Well, I was super excited once I was done my last exam. I requested a boat load of books and decided to smoosh a whole bunch of titles into a couple of weeks. I don’t know if I’m necessarily on task, but at least I’ve read a few of the titles.

Books Reviewed

1. This Song Will Save Your Life | link

Currently Reading

2. This is What Happy Looks Like || link

 August Stats

# Books Read: 2
# of Pages: 503
# of Hours Listening: 0
Total # of Posts: 3
Most Viewed: This Song Will Save Your Life review
Runner Up: Dream Book Conference Panel 

2017 Stats

# Books Read: 13
# of Pages: 2287
# of Audiobooks: 4
Genre Most Read: YA

Upcoming news

How was your month?


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