Monthly Wrap-Up (#28)

Books Reviewed

1. I am Princess X | link
2. This is What Happy Looks Like | link

Currently Reading

1. V for Vendetta || link

September Stats

# Books Read: 2
# of Pages: 713
# of Hours Listening: 0
Total # of Posts: 4
Most Viewed: August’s Monthly Wrap-Up
Runner Up: I Am Princess X review

2017 Stats

# Books Read: 18
# of Pages: 3357
# of Audiobooks: 4
Genre Most Read: YA

Upcoming news

Back in school; so let the juggling of life responsibilities begin!

How was your month?


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Review: This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

Series: This is What Happy Looks Like, book 1
By: Poppy
Source: Borrowed
Format: Paperback
ISBN:  9780316212816



In this story, two emails that shouldn’t have crossed path were brought together by error. And never shall the two meet… or so they thought; to be destined to exchange emails forever. Needless to say the two recipients: Ellie O’Neill, a girl from small town Maine, and Graham Larkin, a teenage heartthrob movie actor, have no idea that their paths were truly going to cross

I thought this story was super slow, but once I reached the point where Ellie and Graham steal a boat to visit a neighboring town so that Ellie can finally meet her estranged father – it then got more excited.

Overall, the story has an interesting ending that isn’t some happily ever after between Ellie and Graham. The reality of a relationship between a celebrity and a “commoner” may not necessarily work out for two teenagers, but they aren’t going to let that little set-back ruin their last remaining eight hours of time to spend together.


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Summer Reading Adventures [GIF Heavy]

I decided to document my reading adventures, there is a cliché about living a thousand lives when you’re a reader. So I decided to document my adventures as a reader and where my books have taken me, whether it be outlandish or local. The bulk of my reading starts at the end of the winter term, or sometimes by the end of the spring term, so I’ll admit my adventures start in mid- to late-spring, just because I’ve finished school and whatnot. So I’ll give you an idea of where my itinerary took me this year – can you guess where I’ve been?

New York

Flat Iron: ‘winter time’ by Jaclyn Sovern

San Francisco

Time Lapse by Simon Christen


These are just a few that I could remember. Where did your summer adventures take you?

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