Review: Ayesha At Last by Uzma Jalaluddin (ARC)

Published: 2018
By: HarperAvenue
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
ISBN:  9781443455848



I’m just going to get this off my chest now: I am so in love with this book! I love the happy ending. I love the characters. I love it. I love it. I. Love. It. Okay… I’m ready to talk about this.

First off, the whole book was supposed to be a loosely-rendered South Asian/Canadian version of Pride & Prejudice, {disclaimer}: I have never read Pride & Prejudice. So, I’m completely content to go along with this whole thing blindly, and that’s okay.

The story revolves around two main characters: Khalid Mirza and Ayesha Shamsi. Both Muslims, and both very much unaware of each other.

Ayesha Shamsi is a late-twenties Muslim lady that has studied to become a teacher. She loves poetry, and has a great relationship with her family. She immigrated to Canada after her father was mysteriously killed in their home country of India.

Khalid Mirza is a very pious man in his early-thirties. He works for a large tech company, and has a strained relationship with his own family. Outwardly he intimidates most people, and many quietly label him as an extremist.

I know this stuff isn’t all that interesting, but these two characters were brought together because of Ayesha’s cousin, Hafsa. Not intentionally, but it was perfectly imperfect.

Hafsa is a young lady who didn’t know what to do with her life. She had attempted to take on numerous community college classes to graduate from none, but when she decided she wanted to go into event planning her father encouraged her to help with an upcoming fundraising event hosted at the local mosque (as well as promise an advance to get her business started should she succeed). Ayesha was asked to attend those meetings to accompany Hafsa and keep an eye on things, but at the first meeting Hafsa is no where to be seen. Ayesha is then torn by the decision to just leave the meeting or, at her cousin’s request, stay and pretend to be her for the evening.

There is so much incredible drama in this book! Hafsa. Khalid’s family. Ayesha’s family. The entire Muslim community in this book is just buzzing with the need for gossip!

I enjoyed the mix of Urdu and English throughout. The diversity of the characters is so nice to see as it shines a light on how different people can be even in a community that so many people know so little about. Although the topics may seem varied and far fetched, the idea is the same: girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, boy breaks girl’s heart only to try to get her back afterwards, and everybody lives happily ever after or at least gets what they deserve. Conflict. Solution. Resolution!

I like that.


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Review: The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy (ARC)

Published: 2018
By: HarperCollins Publishers
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
ISBN:  978006284965



I was about half-way through this novel when I thought I had figured out the culprit. I was super surprised when I was really wrong!

Because of when I received this book, I wasn’t able to release my review on Mother’s Day like everybody else 😦 However, I am still pleased to say that this book was quite the page turner and left me glued to my seat for long periods of time because I really wanted to know how it ended.

The Perfect Mother is a thriller indeed. A group of new mums meet through a well-known parenting website and bond over their birth stories and common concerns revolving around pregnancy and parenting.

After the babies are born and a few months later, the overwhelming effects of not having some “me time” has kicked in and they decide to get together at a local bar for a night of relaxation. In the span of that night something tragic happens, and nobody knows the real answer, when the spotlight is pointed at single-mum-former-child-star Gwendolyn Ross and the abduction of the baby, Midas.

The media perpetuates the issue and new evidence keeps popping up. Mystery packages are delivered to addresses nobody should know about and the other mums are starting to turn on each other as they try to do the detective work to solve the mystery of who abducted Midas Ross.

It’s a twisting whodunnit and I enjoyed every second of trying to figure out the answer along with Francie, Collette, and Nell, and I hope you, dear Reader, do too!

I really liked it!


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Monthly Wrap-Up (#31)

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Upcoming news

I’m back in school again and I’m looking forward to this class: Creative Writing. I’m excited to see whether my writing style will change at all or improve – which would be awesome! Maybe I’ll be joining the long line of book bloggers turned author 😉

How was your month?


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