Rating System

Since I’ve begun incorporating my blog as a resource for the teenagers I see regularly, I’ve also included a new “stamp of approval” for my reviews.

But for my adult novels and also when categorizing my reviews I do use a “star system”.

Here’s an explanation of my rating system so not to confuse anybody:

5 Star

5 stars: A great read, couldn’t put it down. Would highly recommend it.


4 Star4 stars: Good reading, would recommend it.


3 Star3 stars: It was okay, not the greatest but I did finish it.

2 Star2 stars: Not great. It was like pulling teeth trying to finish it.

1 Star1 star: Couldn’t finish it or would never recommend it.

I do also give 1/2 stars, but in the image I round up.

Hope this clears some stuff up. Thanks guys 🙂



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