Review Policy

Update: June 2017

Thank you for having an interest in Black ‘n Write.

I am currently not accepting requests due to a high demand and a very busy school schedule. If you are so inclined to email me for a request to review, please reference the list below of what I am willing to consider.

As an avid reader residing in Canada. I have happily accepted from publishers in the past (please take the time to glance at the genres list I am currently accepting, which is listed below). Although I am still inexperienced in certain departments of the book blogging world, in the future, I will be interested in hosting various affairs such as giveaways, guest blogs, author interviews, etc. All my reviews will also be posted to GoodReads, I can post my reviews on other websites as requested. I currently use a 5-point rating system or using my Librarian stamp of approval.

5 Star

When emailing me, please include the summary, the release date, and a picture of the cover. Any links for further information would be appreciated as well. Please do not include quotes from other reviewers about your book – Much as I generally do not like to judge a book by its cover, it is necessary for future reference when/if creating blog post.

By accepting or receiving a book, I do not guarantee that it will be read immediately or posted on the blog immediately. I will try my very best to get it read and reviewed in a timely manner, but understand that I have other books I am committed to reviewing, and a full-time job that has my attention five days a week . If you have a time frame for when you expect the review to be posted, please let me know, as it will greatly influence my decision, and I will have to see if I can commit to that timeline. If the book is an ARC copy, I will try and publish the review on or around the release date. A review or an online link to a published review will be emailed when live.

Currently Accepting:
Young Adult – in either Français or English
Graphic Novels


All reviews are my opinion. All books have either been borrowed, purchased, or lent to me. All copies sent by publishers will be clearly stated in the review.
Accepting review copies does not guarantee a positive review.
I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews.

Please note I do not accept published pieces older than 3 years (2012).

If you’re an interested contributor please contact me at blacknwritereviews@ and we’ll get something going.

Look forward to hearing from you and have a great day!



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